Honors vs. Non-Honors

The myOptions Team

After you’ve decided which courses you want to take, (i.e. Spanish v Mandarin, Chem v Bio, Music Theory v Creative Writing)...

...you’ll need to decide the level of the course (i.e. Honors v AP v Regular v Remedial).

In general, you always want to take the most difficult level possible without jeopardizing your grades.

If you’re deciding between a B+ in an Honors course or an A- in a Regular class, you’ll definitely want to go for the Honors course and really work on trying to get extra credit and staying after class for extra help with your teacher.

If you’re deciding between potentially getting a C in an Honors class and a B+ in a Regular class, you’ll definitely want to hold off on the Honors class and opt for the Regular class because the gap between the potential grades is too big.

More importantly, you’re going to want to find out how your course levels are determined.

Can you, the student, decide which level you want to take? Do you have to get recommended by your previous year’s teacher? Do you need to get a certain grade on the final from the previous year?

You want to know all of this as early as possible because you do not want to be prevented from taking a course that you were hoping to take.

If you need a teacher’s recommendation or endorsement, you’ll want to speak to your teacher as early as possible and tell her or him your intentions of taking an Honors or AP level class the following year so they are aware how important this is for you.

If your course placement is based on your previous year’s grades, you’ll want to make sure that you study as much as possible for those specific tests to make sure that you can take your desired classes.

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