Getting Involved...Again?

The myOptions Team

I know, I know. Now that you have been accepted into your dream school, what's the point in getting involved? The purpose of doing so in high school was to get into college, but now that the ultimate goal has been accomplished, what's the point? My adviser for my senior year of high school gave me some great advice for going into college. She told me, "Try at least two new things you never thought of trying before."

For starters, it is important to understand what exactly getting involved in college truly means. Getting a degree entails more than just studying in order to ace those fifteen credit hours. Plus, there are more opportunities besides your average high school clubs, sports, and student government. In addition to the activities offered in high school, college provides work studies, internships, community service, residence hall programs, campus-wide events, poetry slams, and music concerts of all genres. College presents so many opportunities to explore yourself, try new things, and gain insight into your own likes and dislikes.

I was overly involved in high school. I played varsity golf, contributed to two community service clubs (officer in one), advised sophomores through their transition to high school, took AP classes, and attended many school events. So when my adviser told me to try two new things, I thought to myself, "What else is there to try and why bother?" Turns out, there are plenty of benefits to being involved around campus. It’s a terrific way to meet people, make friends, and feel satisfied with the way you spend your free time. It also gives you something to talk about with potential employers. With nearly everyone going to post-secondary education, it is harder to stand out when it is time for the big interview. When asked what you are passionate about, most high schoolers are unsure. Participating in extracurriculars on in college gives you a chance to discover causes that you truly care about, and ultimately shape you to pursue a career that you will genuinely enjoy.

Sure, there are only 24 hours in a day, but getting involved in college will be rewarding because of the valuable time experimenting with new interests, bonding with friends, and creating memories that will last forever.

Post courtesy of Danae Golding

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