Dealing with School Breaks

The myOptions Team

School breaks are a great time to forget about your school work, relax, and catch up on sleep, but if you’re really far from home, it might not be practical to head home for some of the shorter breaks.

Most schools with semesters will have a major break in between the fall and spring semesters that will usually fall during XMAS and New Year’s Eve.

You’ll then expect a Thanksgiving break and a Spring break in either March or April.

If your school is on the Trimester system, you should expect two shorter breaks in between each trimester.

Every school has their own break schedule, so you’ll want to note yours in your calendar as soon as you get accepted.

If you’re at a school that’s really far from home, and can’t head back to see your family during shorter breaks like Thanksgiving, there are definitely other options for you.

  1. You can see if you could head home with one of your new friends who lives nearby. It’s always fun getting to see where your college friends grew up and it’s nice to have a home-cooked meal after a couple of months of dorm food.

  2. Many schools offer holiday or special meals for students staying on campus during breaks. Some schools even sponsor outings to the grocery store, the movie theatre, or local attractions to help you pass the time while most of your friends are off-campus.

  3. You could explore any school sponsored trips. Certain college clubs will sponsor trips like ski trips, camping trips, volunteerism trips, or cultural immersion trips. Check out the options at your school and apply early before they fill up.

  4. Traveling abroad is another popular option. A lot of colleges can offer financial help with setting up a homestay where you get to live with a host family in a foreign country. This is a great option if you want to improve your language skills while being immersed in a completely new culture.

  5. Meet in the middle: If you could use a dose of family time, but the trek all the way home is too far, you might consider meeting your family somewhere in the middle. It’s not exactly home, but exploring a random new town could be a fun adventure.

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