Avoiding a Laundry List

The myOptions Team

You’ve probably heard this before, but your grades and SAT/ACT scores are NOT the only thing that determine whether you’ll get accepted to the college of your dreams.

While your academics play a hugely important role in your application, colleges also want to know what you’re doing outside of school.

Some students try to do as many things as possible and in turn create a “laundry list” of activities for their resume.

This is NOT a good look.

While you want to get involved in clubs, sports, jobs, internships, and summer programs, you don’t want to play the “how many activities can I jam onto my resume?” game.

Colleges will read right through that and it’s not impressive.

Colleges would rather see you participate in a smaller number of activities in which your contributions are greater than see you add a ton of activities to your resumes that you really don’t care much about.

You don’t want to add a bunch of clubs where your main contribution is signing your name on a sign-in sheet and sitting in on a 30 minute weekly meeting.

When deciding what to get involved with, you should ask yourself three questions:

Is this something I’m interested in?

Is this a job where I can either earn money or learn something that will help me decide on a potential major or career?

Could I see myself spending 5+ hours per week on this activity?

If you answered no to any of those questions, you probably shouldn’t join that activity or take that job.

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