10 Times I Should Have Listened to My Mother


It wasn’t until college that I realized mom sometimes knows best…

If only I’d listened...

1. When she nagged me to use the SAT/ACT flashcards she bought me.

You probably won’t get the score you want on the first try, especially if you don’t take a practice test, look over a study guide, or flip over a flashcard or two. Check out SAT prep materials from Khan Academy. They’re free and super easy to access!

2. When she suggested I save some of my birthday money.

Having a little extra spending money going into college is definitely not a bad thing. Once you’re there, who else is going to fork over the change for the late night pizza delivery guy?

3. When she suggested I get a summer job (after I didn’t save my birthday money).

Not only is getting a summer job (or even a job during the school year if you have enough time) a great way to make some extra cash and/or help pay your tuition bill, but it’s also a great way to gain work experience, explore different careers, and boost your resume!

4. When she warned me that I would have to wake up to an alarm.

Good news: As a college student you probably won’t have to get up as early as you did in high school. Bad news: You won't have Mom as a backup alarm when you've hit the snooze for the third time, and you definitely won’t want to ask your roommate to be your personal alarm clock. YIKES!

5. When she taught me how to do laundry… twice.

You. Will. Do. Your. Own. Laundry… or you will not smell good and making new friends will be infinitely more difficult. Period.

6. When she urged me to eat fruits and veggies (that weren’t frozen, thawed, and served cafeteria style).

Stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables while at home (especially if you’re a berry or avocado lover), because most dining halls won’t be providing more than the basics.

7. When she reminded me to pack more than a light jacket and sneakers.

Don’t get stuck at school with no winter coat or boots when the snow starts to fall. Even if you feel like an oompa loompa in a full length coat and ski pants, you’ll be toasty on your way to class!

8. When she begged me to take more pictures.

There are so many fun events you’ll attend on campus and people you’ll meet! Take a few pictures (selfies included) so you can remember all the crazy times you had with friends (and so you can begrudgingly show mom and grandma).

9. When she told me to reapply.

Don’t let a bad burn ruin your vacation plans! Plus, now's the time to get a head-start on developing healthy habits you can carry with you the rest of your life.

10. When she asked me not to go so far from home.

Growing up IS hard, and being super far away from home can be tough when you’re feeling stressed with school work, new social pressures, and a whole lot of independence. It’s not a bad idea to explore school options that are close enough to home so that your family can come for a visit every once in a while.

Plus, when else will you be able to roll your eyes at Mom’s lame advice?!?

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