10 Things You DON'T Need To Bring To College


Packing for college can be extremely frustrating and confusing. You probably want to pack your entire closet, all of your belongings, your dog, your cat... But before you rent a U-haul to cart mounds of last seasons styles and a frisky feline friend across the country, let us hit you with a shocker: no matter how much you love them, some items just are not worth bringing all the way to college! Here’s a list of 10 items you should definitely leave at home.

1. High school t-shirts

If you’re thinking about bringing your high school varsity jacket, or your high school marching band t-shirt then stop right there. As attached as you are to your high school memorabilia, leave it at home. High school is over and you’re about to begin college. You’ll be getting tons of free t-shirts at school to replace the ones you didn’t bring along, so no need to clutter your suitcase with shirts you will never wear. And don’t try to kid yourself that you’ll be wearing your senior class t-shirt around campus. C’mon now. Just don’t do it. Please.

2. Your entire wardrobe

Of course, you want to look fabulous at college. You’ll be surprised to know, however, that you won’t need as many clothes as you think. Sure it feels like there are a zillion different parties and interviews and classes and sports practices and pajama nights you’ll need to be prepared for. While there are many occasions to be ready for, there are laundry machines (even if you don’t know how to use them yet) and plenty of new friends to swap with! And if you pack less you’ll have more space in your room and you won’t have to lug around a huge suitcase when moving in and going home for breaks. In the end, if you’re like most college students, you’ll spend more time trying to disguise that you’re wearing the same outfit weeks at a time than rummaging through a huge closet.

3. Tons of shoes

Let’s be real here. How many pairs of shoes do you ACTUALLY wear? You’ll need the standard shoes: rainboots, sneakers, flip-flops, dressy shoes. And those sandals you wore that one time in the eighth grade? Those can stay at home. Believe us when we say you don’t need that many shoes. You’ll be living in a cramped dorm and the last thing you need is more clutter.

4. Cable TV

We all have that one show we can't wait to watch every week on primetime TV. You might feel inclined to purchase cable TV for your new HDTV to avoid the tragedy of missing your beloved show. Good news for you! Most (if not all) shows can be viewed on your laptop. Want to watch a movie on your own time? Netflix will be your best friend. Can’t miss an episode of Game of Thrones? HBO Go will be your savior. No need to waste your time watching shows interrupted with millions of commercials - just view your show on the online site of the TV network. You will thank yourself for saving all that money and time!

5. Toaster

DO YOU LOVE TOAST? DO YOU EAT IT FOR BREAKFAST EVERY SINGLE DAY? IS IT THE SOURCE OF ALL HAPPINESS AND PLEASURE IN YOUR LIFE? No matter how great your love for toast is, we assure you that a toaster is not necessary in college. Many dining halls have toasters available to students, or have toast already made. Phew! Toasters are also against fire code at many colleges, (check to see what appliances you are and are not allowed to have in your dorm before moving in) and you wouldn’t want to get in trouble for bringing one, now would you?

6. Colored pencils

Alas, your childhood is almost over as you cross over into the realm of adulthood (well, at least on paper). You’ll be assigned tons of papers and problem sets in college, but unfortunately, none require the use of your beloved colored pencils. You have grown up with them, colored hundred of pictures inside (and outside) the lines, grown personally attached to them. The time has come, however, to say goodbye to your mighty childhood friends. We’re sad to say this, but the colored pencils must stay at home.

7. Binders

Binders are big. Binders are heavy. They take up a lot of space. They barely fit in your backpack. College students are lazy. End of story.


Every one of us has our favorite candle scent. As much as you would like to bring one to college in the hopes of lighting it up and relaxing on your bed reading a good book, this may not be possible. Many schools have strict bans on candles in dorm rooms, as they may pose fire hazards. (Once again, check your college’s policy on candles prior to moving in)

9. Tablet

If you have a laptop, what do you need a tablet for? Many say “college is just sitting in different places with your laptop.” Notice, the word “tablet” was not mentioned, so you might want to think twice before bringing your tablet to college with you.

10. Your Mom

You love her. She cooks for you. She does your laundry. She changes your sheets. She folds your clothes. As much as you want to keep her around to prevent your room from becoming a pigsty, you simply cannot. College is your first opportunity to be independent, and that means learning to do things on your own. You’ll have to take care of yourself because mommy won’t be there. She loves you though, so don’t forget to call home!

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