13 Things To Do the Summer Before College

The myOptions Team

The cap has been thrown, tassel turned, and your diploma is in hand. College is starting to feel really real. We know you’re probably super pumped about the college life that awaits in just a few short months, but don’t forget to take a second to pause and enjoy the in-between. We all know there are lots of practical and expected items on your “to-do” list this summer, like sending in final transcripts, hanging with your high school besties etc., but we compiled a list of lesser known, but equally as important things to do this summer.

1. Do something nice for your parents.

Take your parents out to dinner or put some effort into cooking them a meal at home (ballin’ on a budget). If food is not their love language then tackle a project for them they’ve been wanting to do around the house or take them to a movie. I mean, they did change your diapers at one point, didn’t they? They’ve clearly molded you into the person you are today and are very deserving.

2. Clean your childhood room.

Who knows what sort of memories will unearth from this momentous task, #nostalgia. This will also be super helpful for your parents, especially if your departure means they will now be empty nesters.

3. Guilt-free Netflix binge.

Get it out of your system now. It’s not like Netflix will disappear into thin air when you go to college, but it won’t be quite as guilt-free when you have a Chem midterm the next day. Watch an entire series start to finish, or if you are a creature of habit like me, watch Friday Night Lights for the fourth time. You do you.

4. Read a book for pleasure.

Weird, right? It can be something super informative or completely mindless, or the Harry Potter series for the third time, no judgment zone.

5. Figure out your health coverage in your college town.

Boring...I know but it’s good to have a plan when sickness does strike and mom or dad isn’t there to make you chicken noodle soup. Along those lines, try to get as many (plannable) medical things taken care of beforehand (teeth cleaning, prescriptions filled etc.)

6. Spend time with siblings.

If you have younger siblings, spend extra time with them; time passes quickly, they’ll practically be grown up by the time winter break comes. Plus, look at it this way, you are off on an amazing journey after this summer, and they have to stay behind, so pay them extra attention.

7. Love on your furry friend.

Take them for extra walks, give them all of the snuggles. Nothing quite measures up to their unconditional adoration.

8. Give out your new address.

There really is nothing better in life than surprise snail mail and care packages. Enough said.

9. Dear Diary.

Start journaling, blogging, vlogging, posting a pic a day whatever your style is. You are about to embark on the most epic adventure. Keep this going when you get to college - you and your friends will thank you later. Don’t feel the need to post everything, keep some things raw and unedited just for you.

10. Be a tourist in your own hometown.

Grab a few friends and do all the dorky things as a local you would never do. Moving away will give you a newfound appreciation of your hometown.

11. Expand your cooking skills beyond the microwave.

Is easy mac your thing? No shame, but it’s super helpful to learn some cooking basics. A lot of dorms have a communal kitchen for you to make the occasional home-cooked meal which will help break up the monotony of the dining hall and make you the most popular person on your floor.

12. Establish a fitness routine.

Whether it’s dedicating 30 minutes to walk the dog or taking an hour HIIT class, make time and fall in love with exercise so this habit will stick with you in college. The gym is the freshman 15’s biggest competition.

13. Start practicing time management.

Up until now your days have probably been super structured for you. Well, that’s about to change very quickly, and trust me there is a lot of beauty in that, but it also comes with a lot of adjustment. A good way to start adjusting is by keeping a daily “to-do” list, either electronically (I recommend Google Keep) or on paper, if you enjoy the satisfaction of physically crossing things off (there is no better feeling).

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