21 Questions to Ask on Your Campus Visit

The myOptions Team

Visiting college campuses is an important (and fun!) step within the college search process. These visits will allow you to experience a campus with all of your senses to determine if it’s the right fit for you. It’s also a great time to take advantage of the facetime with current students and admissions staff to get all of your questions answered. Before you begin visiting colleges, make it a priority to draft a list of questions to get answered on each campus visit. We totally get that creating that list can be tough, so feel free to take some inspiration from the questions below and add some of your own to ensure your dream college checks all of your boxes!

  1. Why did you choose XYZ University?
  2. What other schools were you considering?
  3. What makes you most proud to be a student at XYZ University?
  4. What is the surrounding area like?
  5. What is your biggest piece of advice for a new student at XYZ University?
  6. Do all freshmen live on-campus?
  7. Are all freshmen guaranteed housing?
  8. Can freshmen park on campus?
  9. What do most students do during the summer?
  10. What kind of hands-on experiences are built into my major?
  11. What kind of study abroad programs are offered?
  12. What kind of on-campus jobs are available? Where do students work near campus?
  13. What kind of tutoring is offered?
  14. What are the most popular majors/minors?
  15. What kind of services does the career center offer?
  16. Who will my advisor be?
  17. What kind of campus safety resources are there?
  18. What is there do on the weekends? Do a lot of students stay on campus on the weekend?
  19. What is the best tradition on campus?
  20. What do you wish you knew about the school before you came as a freshman?

Most importantly, ask yourself: Do I feel comfortable at this school? That is the ultimate question. If you can’t see yourself having the best experience possible, then that school isn’t for you. College should be an unbelievable time in your life, and choosing where you’ll succeed the most is a HUGE decision. Choose wisely and enjoy your college years!

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