Welcome to the ACAC College Application Event Resource Hub!

As the nation’s largest free college and career planning program, we’re dedicated to ensuring national, state and local college application events are equipped with the tools to effectively ready their students, the families and mentors for a successful Fall 2021 event!

1. Leverage our Quick Guides (Click image to download)

These tools will support your students in onboarding to myOptions and the nuances around how to build a balanced list with your student. When they use myOptions, we match them with 25 colleges that fit their profile and you can get access to aggregate data for your reporting needs.

2.  Make communication easy

Use our communication templates so that you can make communication to and between your stakeholders easy!


State Coordinators to Site Leaders

Site Leaders to School Counselors/School Staff

School Staff/Counselors to Students

School Staff/Counselors to Family

School Staff/Counselors to Mentors/Non-family Adults

Parents/Family to Students

Mentors/Non-Family Adults to Students

3. Share content that supports students in preparing for ACAC application events

Our Friday Five: Building A Balanced College List series is a five-part video series to support students through the stages of building a balanced college application list. Each of the five videos are under five minutes long and have companion blogs for students, families & mentors, and educators. Enjoy!

myOptions YouTube channel

Student Blogs (Including Friday Five)

Parent/Family/Mentor Companion Blogs

Counselor/Educator Companion Blogs

Hey ACAC State Coordinators!

We’re here to support your data needs. When your students use myOptions for the ACAC event prep, we can provide YOU with the aggregate data – all free of charge!

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